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Wisdom street lighting control system solutions detailed

Current urban street lights mainly use high-pressure sodium lamp lighting, there is a low luminous efficiency, short life expectancy and environmental pollution caused by recycling and other issues. In the meantime, the level of informatization of street lamp management is relatively low, and management style is relatively backward. Therefore, there is an urgent need to replace the more efficient and energy-saving LED lighting method and the management and control system based on the LED street lamp. The intelligent street lamp realizes the single lamp control, fine management and energy saving of the street lamp through informational means and lighting technology.
The development of urban night public lighting on people's lives and the economy play an increasingly important role. On the one hand to ensure traffic safety at night vehicles and pedestrians, on the other hand assume the image of the city beautify the task. Urban public lighting has always been the "main battlefield" of energy-saving campaigns. Contract energy management mode to reduce the cost of energy saving to reduce the cost of energy-saving reform has been increasingly supported and favored by all local governments. Currently, many areas in the country are under contract energy management model for energy-saving LED retrofit, such as Foshan, Foshan Chancheng LED street light renovation project nearly 6,000 lights of the EMC transformation, the transformation will use the contract energy management (EMC) mode ; Zhuhai City plans to complete 90,000 LED lights retrofit within two years, the transformation will use the contract energy management (EMC) model; Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the city of urban management and other departments to formulate the city's LED lights contract energy management transformation of the implementation plan for three years to Contract energy management model to complete the city's LED street light transformation. Achieve "second Five-Year" public institutions, building area energy consumption decreased by 20% of the target. In the practice of these EMC modes, it brings obvious benefits and prospects for the energy saving of urban public lighting.
System introduction IOT Institute of smart street lighting project transformation, the use of new technologies such as IOT, cloud computing and 3G communications, for street lighting to create a city of wisdom street lighting public management platform to build a set of wisdom street lighting system technical support system, the formation of the most Good operation and maintenance mode for smart city construction to exert a demonstration effect; through the wisdom of street lamp management system to achieve the overall urban street lamp monitoring and regulation, to achieve refined management, remote management and mobile management to reduce the difficulty and cost of maintenance of street lighting facilities and Achieve energy-efficient effect. Wisdom street project construction goals:
Renovation of street lighting distribution cabinets, intelligent realization of street lighting group management. Install the wireless centralized control terminal in the street light distribution cabinet to realize the telemetry, remote control and remote communication of any group of street lights.
Based on the installation of LED lights node controller to achieve a single lamp intelligent management of lights. Batch installation of a single light control terminal, to achieve a single street light telemetry, remote control, remote information, remote control and other sophisticated management and control.
Deployment of smart street lighting management platform to achieve the information of street lighting management. Deploy the smart street lamp management platform, manage the street lamp through the platform, collect and locate the street lamp fault information through the information platform, collect and analyze the operation data of various equipment related to the street lamp, provide the decision support for the relevant management department of the street lamp, Real-time, efficient regulation. Formulate relevant energy-saving strategies, and realize the secondary energy-saving of LED lamps. By setting different timing switch lights and dimming strategies in different stages, the real on-demand lighting can be achieved, and the waste of electric energy can be minimized, achieving a secondary energy saving effect of 30% -40%.

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