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Analysis of Four Control Technology of LED Intelligent Lighting

Smart home products on the market after another, new ideas one after another. Among them, the working principle of intelligent lighting is rich and varied, the technology is relatively mature, and the production cost is also relatively low, which has become a highly attractive point in the smart home. At present, the market of intelligent lighting products not only rich in variety, but also has a considerable number of consumer groups. Intelligent lighting, or through the intelligent switch control lamps, in use, broke through the limitations of the traditional manual switch; or by sound, remote control, human sensor and other means to open the lighting source, to provide consumers with more convenient and more humane home service.
First, remote control lighting
Remote control lighting is controlled by radio signals, simple and convenient. With the maturity of technology, digital wireless remote control technology has replaced the traditional mechanical manual switch, has gradually become the trend sought after by modern people.
Remote switch to the lamp installed on the remote control
Remote control switches usually have two remote control methods: one is the use of mobile phone client remote control switch, the other is purchased with the switch socket and transmitter. In comparison, the latter technology is relatively inexpensive and finished products are cheaper. It consists of a mobile remote transmitter, fixed on the wall of the switch receiver, all functions can be operated directly on the wall switch can also be remote control remote control, which greatly facilitates the user to control the lighting is like Use the remote control to change the TV station as easy.
Remote control switches generally use wireless digital identification technology, each working independently of each switch, will not interfere with each other. Someone may worry: the direction of the remote control pointing too hard, may affect the receiver sensor. In fact, this worry is not necessary. Because wireless RF remote control without direction, the signal through the wall and no radiation, the buttons in any corner of the room can control the switch. Some people think that changing the switch seems too cumbersome, but the actual operation is very simple, the switch will be installed and the lamp can be simply connected, will not undermine the overall layout of the room decoration.
LED remote control lights and line modification say goodbye
Currently, a wide range of intelligent LED remote control lights, including bedroom ceiling lamps, living room crystal lamps, lights, bulbs, lamps and so on. On the controller is also divided into mobile phones or equipped with transmitter control, LED remote control lights to further solve many users do not want to reinstall the socket switch, reluctant to modify the circuit line and other issues.
To remote control bulb, for example, LED remote control lights built-in high-power LED lamp beads, lamp holder equipped with a wireless receiver module, connected to the encoder and control lights off the switch module. Compared with the remote control switch, the remote control light directly to the receiver installed in the lamp, eliminating the trouble of circuit modification. Common remote control by the transmitter LED lamp remote control distance of about 10 meters, the brand remote control lamp can reach more than 15 meters, this control distance is fully able to meet the needs of ordinary families. The APP control by the mobile phone remote control lamp, it is a breakthrough in the distance restrictions, anytime, anywhere to see the use of lamps and lanterns. When the number of lamps in your home or shop is excessive, you can also manage the lamps in groups and use the same equipment to control a group of lamps and lanterns.
Second, induction lighting
Human body induction is also called infrared induction. The human body has a constant body temperature, generally about 37 degrees, so it emits infrared light of a specific wavelength. Human body induction lighting controls the light out by capturing this specific wavelength of infrared light.
And remote control switch at any time through the button control lamps out of different, the most important feature of infrared human sensor switch delay lighting. Because the human body can not always stand in the switch to keep the lamp shiny, once left the infrared sensing range can not immediately turn off the light, then how to turn off the light after extinguishing it? This requires time-lapse lighting to control the lighting time. During the delay time period, if anyone is active within the effective sensing range, the switch will be on continuously. When the user leaves, the load will be automatically deactivated after the delay, which realizes the intelligent control function of "people light on and people go on light off". Another feature of the infrared sensor switch is the application of photosensitive control,
Switch automatic metering, light is not sensitive. It usually works when the outside light is below 15 lumens, but some 24/7 IR sensors for basements or garages do not add light control.
It should be noted that the human body sensor switch false alarm rate and installation location, installation has a great relationship, so the installation of the human sensor switch, should be far away from heating, air conditioners, refrigerators, stoves and other electrical appliances, and the switch not directly on the window to prevent Disturbance of hot air flow outside the window, staff may move due to false positives.
Ambience induction cabinet light high brightness low energy consumption high temperature
Many people think that the human sensor light only applies to corridors, balconies and other special areas. In fact, with the development of technology, infrared sensing distance and sensing angle of the human body sensing lamp are constantly improving. Due to its high sensitivity and time-delay illumination, many families choose to install the human body sensing in the crib head, cabinets and other places light. USB charging cabinet light installed in the cabinet, once someone into the sensing range, the sensor detects the human body to change the infrared spectrum, it will automatically turn on the light source, if people do not leave and continue activities, the light will remain bright, the people After leaving will automatically shut down.
Some cabinet lights warm white, cold light two color options, suitable for lighting needs of different seasons. The same power, LED light source not only brightness than ordinary fluorescent lamp stronger, but the power consumption is small, high temperature, energy saving. LED light source light is small, high color rendering index, no harmful metal lamp beads, waste recycling and re-processing, very environmentally friendly.
Third, the combination of lighting
Infrared sensor switch delay function to control lighting time
With the development in the field of intelligent lighting, the combined lighting composed of a variety of light sources has developed quite maturely. Whether it is for all indoor lighting switch combination control, or a single lamp product color change, have reached a high level of application.
Scene switch a variety of modes to choose from
Scene switch can be described as intelligent switch function integrator. Materials, intelligent scene switch surface using ceramic paint panels, the internal use of flame retardant PC material, bringing a full range of security, waterproof fire and leakage prevention; hardware, intelligent dimming more in line with the user's luminosity needs, timely adjustment Darkness, energy saving and environmental protection. In terms of software, the remote control is realized. By binding the switches, multiple switches can control all the way devices or a switch can freely control multiple devices to control all the lamps and lanterns on one terminal. In addition to remote control, intelligent scene switch infrared intrusion detectors can also be sensitive to capture human activity, and thus control the lighting.
Scene switch is the most attractive or user-friendly intelligent design, a variety of scenes to switch freely, the color of light, brightness, the number of open can be freely combined to meet the needs of any scene of the modern home. Such as turning on the home theater mode, the overall lighting can be dimmed; turning on the ballroom mode, the light not only can change the color, the flashing function can make the dance party to a climax; family dinner, the orange warm light can create a warm dining atmosphere; Reading mode, the light is adjusted to the soft and not hurt the eye lumens; late at night, open the sleep mode a key to turn off all the lights, convenient and safe.
The ever-changing intelligence of color-toning lights gives you an eye-opener
As we all know, the color can not only affect the mood, but also affect people's perception of the surrounding environment. Hot summer, cold white people feel cool and comfortable; cold winter, orange light makes people feel more warm. Some people like dark blue, some people like the fresh pink, in order to meet the people's needs for lighting colors, the market launched a very humane intelligent color light, adjustable light and shade, 16 million kinds of color changes make you big Eyes open.
Most of the color lights are bedside table lamp, in order to facilitate the use of children, will be installed in the top of the lamp button, easy to operate. In addition, the smart color light can also be controlled by the phone switch light and color, and mobile phone Bluetooth or WIFI connection, you can directly adjust the phone desk lamp. Get up at night, turn on the cell phone lit caring night light, soft and not dazzling eyes, providing basic lighting at the same time will not disturb to rest, streamer set to four colors soothing flow, easy to create a romantic atmosphere, Make the light go out after the owner is asleep.
Fourth, touch lighting
Touch devices are usually built-in touch sensor chip, touch-sensitive panel current mainstream technology uses capacitive sensing technology, bringing changes in capacitance through the touch of a finger to control the switch or lamp.
Touch switch insulation waterproof bathroom companion
Touch switch has the advantage of waterproof insulation. Many families use touch switches in bathrooms, kitchens and other spaces, and with the integration of technologies, many touch panels used in bathrooms can simultaneously realize multiple functions, such as real-time display of bathroom temperature, control of warm air, provision of lighting, Maximize the waterproof function of the touch panel.
In order to demonstrate intelligence, many touch switches have set the phone remote control, the state of all the lights at home are displayed on the phone, a cell phone will be able to control all the lights at home, the partition RF to break all signal obstacles. In the cold winter, get up and turn on the lights but a very courageous thing, and the smart switch can be set on the phone wake-up function regularly, the morning time to turn on the lights. Smart switch timing anti-theft feature is also bright, set the lights on time, time off, resulting in the illusion of someone inside the house, can effectively confuse the

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