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Industrial lighting rapid estimation method

How can we reasonably and scientifically meet the lighting requirements of the space when we help our guests to design lighting solutions? If the time allows and there are computers, GE's EUROPIC lighting software to complete the indoor lighting calculations and lighting, when there is no computer at hand, when the time is tight, you can use the following quick estimate method, the initial rapid project and cost estimates, guests can quickly Set a fixed version of the program or the cost of the budget level to give us time to adjust.
First, we must first learn the following table
North American Institute of Lighting IES industrial lighting recommend planting
Second, the rapid estimation method The following assumptions as a calculation premise
1, the exposure to maintain the lumen in the work surface lumens new lumen half of the new light source.
For example: lamps 祼 flux of 3200Lm, then maintain the lumens = 3200 * 0.5 = 1600Lm
2, the size of the room to be irradiated is normal, the reflection coefficient of the room surface coefficient is normal, the dust in the room is normal (a general size of the room means: from the work surface to the height of the lower part of the lamp MH ).
3, only for a given room with a lamp (when the working plane to the height of the lower part of the lamp MH is greater than 6 meters, the high hanging lamps can be used, when the MH is less than 6 meters, the low hanging lamps can be used)
Third, the calculation process
1, from the North Lighting Engineering Society IES industrial lighting recommended value list (see table) to find the application of the illumination value A
2, from the light source supplier to obtain the lumens of light B.
3, rated lumen value B multiplied by 0.5 to get the light source to maintain lumens C


6, when using high-hanging lamps, lamp spacing S greater than the height of the suspension; or when using low-hanging lamps, lamp spacing S greater than 1.5 times the suspension height (suspension height: Lamp spacing S is too large, should choose a low-level light source, repeat the third step, until the lamp spacing S to meet the requirements.
7, the principle of cloth lamps: lamps should start from the middle to the border, when the lamps or rows of an odd number, there should be a row or a row of lamps located in the center line, when the lamp row or column is accidental, by the center of the nearest lamp The distance from the center line should be half the lamp spacing S. The distance from the nearest wall to the wall is less than or equal to 0.5S.

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