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STMicroelectronics released plug and play LED street light design

STMicroelectronics has introduced a complete and configurable LED street light solution that allows developers to develop and efficiently control adjustable high brightness LED street light style string (up to 100W). The plug and play streetlight design is based on the award-winning STLUX385A STMicroelectronics digital power controller, the process is the product in any LED brightness to optimize energy efficiency and minimize the idle power consumption features. 
Global cities, towns and villages huge street lighting power consumption, LED lights replace existing incandescent, low pressure sodium lamps and high intensity discharge lamp is widely regarded as the most promising way to reduce energy consumption for public lighting. Compared with early lighting technology, energy efficiency is inherent advantages of LED lights, more importantly, LED brightness is adjustable. When combined with intelligent power cooperation, LED lighting system can automatically adjust the brightness of the light output according to the external environment, the adjustment range from the outside into the bright sunlight moonlight. In addition, LED lights also with municipal lighting requirements, such as at a specified time to adjust brightness. 
Many cities in the world to start with LED technological transformation of existing street lights, street lights more urban upgrading program is being prepared. In Boston, Massachusetts, for example, the city a total of 64,000 street lights only, to the end of 2012, 40% of street lights have been switched to LED technology, the annual electricity savings of $ 2.8 million, which is approximately 35% reduction in the cost of the old.

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