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Subsidized community underground parking lot to replace LED lights

The New North City Work Bureau of Taiwan Province has proposed the "Collective Residential Indoor Parking Lot Lighting Subsidy Scheme" since 2018. If the basement lighting in the community is old and replaced with energy-saving lamps according to regulations, the luminous efficiency of the LED bulbs must meet the standard, and It is necessary to have automatic switch, dimming or timing control. The community with more than 500 households can receive a subsidy of up to 800,000 yuan (NTD, the same below) (equivalent to RMB 178,000).
If the community basement garage lighting equipment is old, the community can apply for subsidies from the New North City Works Bureau when replacing the lamps. The Works Bureau stresses that the replacement lamps must have an energy-saving point stamp and must be an "inductive" LED lamp with a luminous efficiency of more than 120 (lm/w); the subsidy amount is at most half of the total amount, and the number of community households is not Up to 200, up to 200,000 caps, between 200 and 500 households, with a ceiling of 400,000 and a community of 500,000 or more.
The Works Bureau said that the community should replace the basement lighting fixtures with a "Partition Owners Meeting", which can only be replaced after the consent of more than half of the households; if the meeting is held late or does not reach a consensus, it may lead to delays in applying for subsidies from the community, so the 2018 lighting replacement subsidy The plan has been postponed until the end of September this year, to facilitate the community application to replace the lamps in 2018; if the community of lamps in 2019 is replaced, the 2019 plan subsidy can still be applied for the opening time on the invoice.
The Works Bureau said that the 2018 subsidy program has already applied for about 60 communities, and has subsidized 6.9 million. The total planned budget for 2019 is about 15 million, encouraging the community to replace the lamps into energy-saving lamps; the New Taipei City has also targeted the communities that have received subsidies. A spot check will be conducted, and the proportion of the spot check is 100% due to the large amount of subsidies for the 500 or more communities. For communities under 200 households, the proportion of random checks is more than 10%.

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