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5G smart street light, completed and put into operation in the 5A level scenic spot

On November 1st, “5G Smart Street Light” was put into operation at the Dafanghu Docking Terminal in Taining County, Fujian Province. Dajin Lake is a national 5A-level tourist attraction. In July this year, Taining County established the first county-level telecommunications 5G base station in Fujian Province at Dajinhu Xiafang Terminal. State Grid Sanming Power Supply Company has accelerated the construction of ubiquitous power Internet of Things, actively promoted the joint construction and sharing of public infrastructure resources, shared grid infrastructure resources with communication operators such as Sanming Telecom, and utilized the 5G base station of Dajinhu Xiafang Terminal to cooperate in construction. 5G Smart Street Light" to enhance 5G wireless network coverage. This is also one of the landing projects signed by State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. and Sanming Municipal Government to sign the “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement for the Construction of Digital Sanming”.
“5G Smart Street Light” is optimized for energy-saving lighting system and intelligent management system, integrating 5G micro base station, meteorological data acquisition, energy-saving lighting, environmental monitoring, video monitoring, convenience information release screen, intelligent broadcasting and other functions. Intensive sharing of street light pole resources.
In the next stage, State Grid Sanming Power Supply Co., Ltd. will work together with the government and social forces to actively promote the construction of “smart streetlights” and promote smart energy to demonstrate the construction of rural and demonstration urban communities in the Soviet Union. In July this year, State Grid Fujian Power and Sanming Municipal Government signed the “Pan-on Power Internet of Things to Support the “Digital Sanming” Construction Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement”. The two sides jointly established a strategic cooperation coordination promotion group, established a normalization working mechanism, and promoted a strategic cooperation agreement. Implemented on the ground. State Grid Fujian Power fully applies advanced information and communication technologies to realize the interconnection of all aspects of energy production, transmission and consumption, and contributes to the construction of “Digital Sanming” in the areas of government and enterprise data sharing, business environment optimization and digital convenience services; The municipal government supports and promotes the construction of an energy ecosystem in comprehensive energy services, smart energy, electric vehicles, energy public information infrastructure, and the Internet of Things to promote economic and social development.

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