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Japanese LED market jumped nearly 2 times

In recent years, Japan's domestic energy awareness is high, especially after the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred more than two years ago, the Government proposed a "low carbon society" (carbon reduction) targets. Including LED lighting products at a rapid pace popularity, becoming energy-saving products representative. Recent survey results show that in 2012 the Japanese LED market shot up to 420.4 billion yen (about 25.55 billion yuan), jumped 195 percent over the previous year. 
Japan's "Financial News" reported that Yano Economic Research Institute report released in September, "the lighting market survey results 2013 on" that last year, a substantial LED market growth and energy demand continues to maintain a high level this year, in the LED market, the high-speed growth driven by the estimated size of the market for general lighting commodities will continue to rise. 
High penetration of energy-saving effect 
The main selling point of LED lighting, is saving more than 40% compared to fluorescent lamps, and life for more than forty thousand hours, scaling down can be used more than 10 years. In very high energy-conscious Japan, the popularity of LED lights come sooner than other countries in the appliance discount stores can also be seen a variety of related merchandise display rack. 
In contrast, China's LED lighting market has just started to enter the popular stage, this is considered to be "universal first year." According to market research firm estimates that China's demand for LED lighting, may rise in 2015 to one trillion yen (about 60.8 billion yuan). And earlier step in the Japanese LED lights popular Japanese manufacturers, taking advantage also want to seize this opportunity, eating Chinese market pie. 
But with the increased involvement of the LED lighting business, competition has become increasingly fierce. To keep the market evolved into a pure price competition, individual companies are mustering their efforts, efforts to develop other brands with differentiated products. LED lights started lighting is no longer just a simple tool, but more than a sense of design or function (such as timing, discoloration) and other value-added of an interior design. 
Japan's Koizumi Lighting LED lighting manufacturer even recently introduced the industry's first lighting simulation App "KOIZUMI Virtual Lighting Design". Consumers can use App select various locations (bedroom, entrance, corridors, etc.), space, wall or floor material, etc., to confirm the specific lighting effects, LED lamps, and then decide to purchase items. 
Future LED lighting market is expected to continue to expand, and whether to launch outside saving or long-life characteristics of the product, will become an important condition for each company will compete for market share.

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