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U.S. OLED lighting manufacturers ALKILU and Cigna signed a cooperation agreement

U.S. OLED lighting products manufacturer ALKILU Enterprises announced yesterday, the company recently with China's first OLED product suppliers Cigna signed an exclusive cooperation agreement. 
Cigna is a technology-based Tsinghua University established an organic light emitting display (Organic Light Emitting Display), set OLED independent research and development, the scale of production, marketing and sales of high-tech enterprises, is China's first OLED product suppliers. 
"We're still in the early stages of OLED applications, but we work with Cigna will significantly speed up the process, so that we can at very low prices to existing and newly developed OLED products to consumers. "CEO ALKILU of Alex Khayat said. 
"Through cooperative company had already received a lot of All-Terrain and bookmarks lamp orders, we have every reason to believe that this collaboration with Cigna will significantly increase this figure." Alex Khayat added.

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