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The layout of the US market free-for-ten thousand Cree led bulb

led lighting products as a more efficient and environmentally friendly lighting tools admired, but compared with the traditional lighting, higher prices make it more difficult to be user acceptance. Career (cree) recently on the layout of the US market for consumers to replace the led lights.
Career Company from November 14 began to organize the "American good lighting, bulbs free exchange" (greatamericanlightbulbsswap) activities will provide opportunities for free use led bulb consumers. Career First in New York for the consumer a free replacement led lights, each user can use the home in exchange for a traditional light bulb Cree led bulb, high light efficiency lighting also allows users to visually see more energy-efficient situation. The free replacement activities led lights start from November 14, the final until December 7, a total of 15,000 light bulbs will be replaced free of charge, to participate in the activities of the cities of New York, Boston and Washington.

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