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Intelligent lighting penetration rate is low, pending new product development

LED intelligent lighting hot topic, but the actual penetration is very low. Relevant research data show that the mainland market of intelligent LED lighting penetration is still less than 2%, and product applications mainly in dimmable LED landscape lights, LED lights and adjustable color temperature monitoring and other aspects.
Product differentiation strategy
With the rapid growth in demand for LED lighting is extremely fierce competition in the market. Especially after the Foshan Lighting, BDO Runda and other large companies have joined the "price war", this market is more intense fighting.
Price war is not unlimited crushed, companies must break through, the price war is clearly not alone, so some companies turning to personalized, intelligent products to compete. For example, through a mobile phone App software to control lighting and shade, color, lighting and scene lighting collection features integrated intelligent LED lights; LED lighting through multiple independent unit, be adjusted according to different driving conditions to reduce by as much as possible lights LED lighting caused the accident car headlights.
Compared to traditional lighting companies, LED lighting business in emerging intelligent lighting layout is more positive. Back in 2011, Kingsun LED intelligent street light and power projects key technology R & D investment in total there are 7.65 million, accounting for more than all the R & D investment in general. Statistics show that in 15 million on revenue size of LED lighting companies, R & D expenses related intelligence 12 companies accounted for more than three percent of the total R & D expenses.
Intelligent smart home led lighting
In addition to competitive market differentiation strategy, smart home market also contributed to the development of intelligent fiery lighting.
Huatai Securities analyst Ma Renmin that the smart home concepts as early as 20 years ago, brought up, but the field has been an investment hot, relatively cold needs. However, now the situation has changed. Based on current market conditions, investment conditions, technological development, etc. to determine, smart home inflection point is coming.
Belonging to the field of intelligent smart home lighting and therefore have a new development ideas, and have the opportunity to integrate the use of hands to guide the development of the capital market. Not only Philips, GE and other international giants scrambling to introduce smart lighting bulb, and even millet, Jingdong and other Internet companies have begun to layout LED intelligent lighting.
As the star of intelligent lighting products, Philips Hue dimming and toning can not even be carried out by private custom client Apple and Android systems. And its latest software platform is an intelligent lighting control allows the user to switch depending on the scene, ready to connect indoor and outdoor lighting. The domestic millet in this year released a product called Yeelight intelligent lighting products.
However, one can not ignore the fact that the current intelligent lighting products and smart home products, are "not able to touch a real consumer pain points," Currently, the industry can only hope that a single product can be a breakthrough in the market .

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