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2015 Intelligent Lighting LED lighting will lead a new round of growth

This year, LED lighting technology advances, terminal prices continue to decline, and continuously improve product cost, intelligent lighting, O2O and other new technologies, new applications, new concept models continue to rise. LED is like a marvelous treasure, colorful but unlimited reverie. This year, LED lighting applications, what new changes occur? Intelligent lighting heat wave, how to better promote intelligent LED lighting integrated into people's lives? How to work closely with the government and universities to jointly promote the development of the LED lighting industry? Around these topics particularly interviewed (Guzhen) semiconductor Lighting technology Research Center director Chen Jiansheng Sun Yat-sen, to share his insights on the development trend of LED lighting applications, as well as their feelings and experiences in terms of research cooperation.
First, from the pursuit of light efficiency to the pursuit of light quality
In recent years, low-carbon economy, energy saving and environmental protection concept is increasingly understood by the public, the energetic efforts of state and government at all levels, LED lighting industry to flourish. According to industry-related statistics, in 2013, the overall size of China's LED lighting industry reached 257.6 billion yuan, an increase of 34% compared with 2012, 2014 LED lighting penetration rate in 2013 will be 8% -10% increase to 32.7%. In 陈建胜 seems that this year the development of LED lighting industry has an obvious feature that has gradually from the simple pursuit of efficiency, cost-effective to pay attention to the direction of light quality, light and healthy lighting environment development experience.
"A few years ago, LED lighting products, changes in technology and other indicators light efficiency is very fast, usually a new product out, manufacturers play concept is light efficiency has improved much. Now, the luminous efficiency LED light source has reached 150LM / W , 170LM / W, the rate of change in the light effects and other aspects have been slowed down. and when you see the light show will find Asia exhibition, light quality, light environment is increasingly being taken seriously. this shows that LED lighting has come a simple pursuit of luminous efficiency price growth stage, and into the rapid popularization and application stage. "Chen Jiansheng, director said. According to Chen, this year, LED lighting standards continue to improve, the light source module continues to accelerate the development and application, and consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality of light, a variety of factors, human needs, safety and stability, intelligent lighting, healthy lighting is showing a very broad application prospects.
Second, intelligent lighting should be integrated with intelligent building organic
Intelligent LED lighting is an industry term red hot this year, many forward-thinking companies have also begun to actively intelligent lighting layout. This year, Philips introduced LED bulbs ITES Hue, Fun fans millet economy also introduced Yeelight smart bulb. In this regard, Chen Jiansheng that, LED has the property of microelectronics, semiconductors, LED intelligent lighting is considered to be an important growth point increase in value-added semiconductor lighting, it involves many technical fields, focused sensor and control technology, information and communication technology, not only is an effective way of saving lighting, but also the organic integration with the smart home, smart building.
"In fact, as part of the intelligent building, smart lighting has a certain basis, but the adjustable electronic properties of LED light, color, and so on can be controlled can dig out more meaning." According to Chen introduced in foreign countries, intelligent lighting more often and overall architectural integration in one, and the user is also concerned not just lighting. Into the LED, allowing innovative applications of intelligent lighting has endless possibilities, from the current point of view, the original is applied to the traditional lighting of the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) protocol has been extended to also apply to LED lighting, in recent years, Sun Yat-sen (Old Town) semiconductor Lighting technology Research Center has also invested a lot of manpower, material and time-based research and promotion DALI protocol indoor intelligent lighting control system, and actively assist the relevant departments to vigorously promote the standard construction of intelligent LED lighting.
Third, intelligent lighting should focus on humanity and Big Data
"Now, the growing popularity of smart phones, many consumers do not need specialized training on the flexibility to manipulate a variety of programs on the phone, the game, which has accumulated a user for the promotion of intelligent lighting." In 陈建胜 view, widely smartphones applications for intelligent lighting laid the user base, meanwhile, intelligent lighting and it is not a pure system integration, only to be controlled by setting the parameters for the lights and so on. "The real intelligent lighting is humane, personalized, there is more interaction between people and lights and innovation." Chen Jiansheng said.
To allow us to better understand the concept of intelligent lighting, Chen gave a very vivid example. "We have worked with lighting Zhongshan Medical University joint research and treatment of mental illness, so that there is the treatment of choice in patients with mental disorders space lighting atmosphere (such as color, brightness, etc.) in order to understand the patient's preference for light and using light environments patient counseling and treatment. at the same time, the patient's every choice, will be stored in the smart system to provide support for large data research. Therefore, intelligent lighting must have big massive data base relationship between the man and the lights very subtle, but the ultimate aim is to make intelligent lighting lighting for the people, and create a more healthy, comfortable, humane light environment. "
Fourth, the intelligent lighting applications should strengthen subdivision
In terms of promotion and application of intelligent lighting, Chen believes that due to cost constraints and other aspects of the application of intelligent lighting is still relatively limited, and the future of intelligent lighting segments can be combined to study. "Light is an electromagnetic wave, it can carry very heterogeneous information, use of these lights is now more information is entertainment. In fact, we can make lighting better for some special populations, special needs in segments conduct services. for example, each lamp lights, there is a determined position, the use of light for navigation, positioning, may be worth for the average person is not high, but the visually impaired can be directed through the lighting of road. "
In addition, the intelligent lighting lighting in healthy animals lighting, plant lighting and many other fields have a very broad room for innovation, and cross-border trend nowadays for the lighting industry is an actuator, is a manifestation of LED lighting great vitality. The future development of intelligent lighting will also be reflected in the trend of the following three directions: First, the pursuit of pragmatism, that the lights in the final analysis is the desire to serve; the second is the pursuit of subdivision application; the third is the quality of light and healthy environment.
The development of technology for future intelligent LED lighting has brought a broad space for development, and the development and needs of the community for intelligent LED lighting has brought considerable market space. Intelligent lighting can make our lives better, but also will lead the LED lighting new round of

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