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Wintek touch abandoned the cause of this new offensive LED lighting industry

It is reported that Taiwan's Wintek (Wintek) operating pressure unbearable, once again a big move layoffs, will be held on Wednesday (the 17th), partial dismissal of 2,360 employees in Taiwan. Future Wintek remaining approximately 300 employees in Taiwan, about 6% of the human heyday only. It is reported that Wintek will exit the touch panel manufacturing, biotech food transformation, LED lighting and other new business. According to previous data show that Wintek has been one of the major suppliers of Apple's iPhone and iPad touch screen.
Wintek chairman and general manager Huang Xianxiong yesterday (14), confirmed Wintek large streamline personnel actions, mainland Suzhou built in Dongguan Songshan Lake Standen and three factories, etc., have been halted and a large-scale job dismissal ; Taiwan will also be massive layoffs, the future will only leave Tanzi plant.
After the financial crisis because Wintek sound please restructuring, started in September is fine plan, gradually turn off Taoyuan Bayberry a TFT-LCD plant, as well as Taichung factory, and began a large-scale layoffs.
Wintek will be played on Wednesday, Taiwan's 2,360 employees laid off in batches. Were roughly within the company, as of this month, Taiwan factory voluntary resignation, dismissal number will reach 4,300 people, leaving only about 300 people coming, only about 6% of the heyday of manpower. Huang Xianxiong refused to talk about, it is learned, Wintek will completely withdraw from the touch panel manufacturing, biotech food transformation, LED lighting and other new business.

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