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COB LED light source module will be incorporated into the national standards standardization

        September 6, National Semiconductor Lighting (LED) standard leading group held in Dongguan LED national standard "Lighting the term" standard seminars, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Electronics Standardization Institute, West China Games (Guangzhou) Laboratory, Beijing lighting Research Institute, State Key Laboratory of semiconductor lighting joint innovation, China national Institute of Standardization and other units attended.
The meeting focused on "Lighting the term" standard basic framework, principles, standards in terms of scope and depth depth discussion.
The meeting proposed to solve the standards are being developed with the other terms of the issue of coordination methods that respect the other terms of the definition of standards to achieve integration and reunification; also raised concern to the industry term focus, such as COB, LED modules, LED arrays.
It is reported on the "semiconductor lighting the term" whole range term issues, the current rule is standard for the whole term of this standard, considering only the most basic level in the chain of the most commonly used term, other terms are no longer expand description.

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