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Night Market Night Market lighting electricity into urban management practices

In the scorching summer night food stalls everywhere is to "double-edged sword." On the one hand, its low food prices, hassle free environment for the public gathering of family and friends, summertime offers a great place to enjoy the cool air has become a way of life. But on the other hand, Jeeves night market, noise nuisance smoke, food safety and other issues also widely criticized by the masses.
In the night market in electricity is one of the major factors threatening the safety of life and property safety. From past simple bulb lighting, to today's cooker, big fan, fume purification equipment, electrical equipment, night market penetration. Do not look at the night market stalls electrical low voltage electrical equipment but a few strip, a few wires, once the shock accident, or fire, the consequences would be disastrous.
Over the years, in order to standardize the night market management, frequent moves in many cities, such as planning "barbecue courtyard" designated position set point operation, etc., will be distributed mobile vendors together, easy to manage health, safety and other aspects.
Ensure the safe use of electricity night market, power companies need to bear in mind their social responsibility, good service and a careful examination to eliminate safety hazards. The initiative is more effective urban management department should be the daily management of the night market, check the power supply enterprises into unified action, conduct joint inspection and hidden rectification request to enhance the effective constraint on traders. In addition, wire, strip, leakage protection, and other electrical equipment with the best uniform requirements, eliminate substandard or aging equipment exists. For all types of stealing, illegal use of electricity, etc., in a joint action should be stopped Stealing.
Changes in lighting the night market
Before the founding of New China, the night market hawkers Tanqian hung a kerosene lamp business.
After the founding of New China to the reform and opening up, the night market traders love stone lighting electricity. To the stone watering, it will bubble, there is bright lighting, which has attracted a lot of kids gathered to watch. Its principle is to use light-emitting calcium carbide (calcium carbide) reacts with water, acetylene, lit burning light.
And carbide lamps also appear in the night market there gas lamps. By gas lamps are equipped with gasoline or kerosene oiler in cheer, ejected from the oil lamp at the top of the mouth, lips light sets have ricin or asbestos fibers do mantles, will be issued in case of oil and high shine after mantles white, around ten meters range will shine brightly, so by the time the night market traders favor.
Later, the DC battery power, battery electric lighting, emerging to take. Today, AC Lighting has become the main way of lighting the night market.

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