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Philippines certification system

1. The legal system
Philippines and market access and standards relevant laws are "Consumer Act of the Philippines" (RA 7394: 1992), "Philippine Standardization Law" (RA 4109-1964) and "Philippine Standard (PS) quality and / or safety certification mark implementing regulations. "Philippine Trade and Industry in 1997 issued a revised "Philippine Standard (PS) quality and / or safety certification marks implementing regulations" in the form of Trade and Industry Decree, describes the use of local and foreign companies to distribute Philippine Standard (PS) specific requirements of quality and / or safety certification mark license.
2. The competent authority
The Philippines is a product certification system by the Philippine Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) under the product certification at (also called action at five) is responsible for the management and implementation of (the relevant Philippine Bureau of Product Standards Introduction to see ASEAN standard management system - Philippines column).
3. Certification System
Philippines to implement two kinds of certification system for imported products, the implementation of ICC permit system, in addition to products for the domestic production of the mandatory safety certification, but also the implementation of product quality certification.
Mandatory product certification system of the Philippines has the following two:
a) Philippine Standard Certification System (Philippine Standards Certification Scheme, PS system)
The system is suitable for the Philippine domestic products. After evaluation of the product in line with the Philippine National Standards (PNS) or internationally accepted foreign standards (eg IEC standard), the Philippine Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) will give way to PS producer license, with the certificate, the manufacturer only PS can be affixed to the product safety signs or PS product quality mark on the product packaging or the product, in order to enter the market.
b) imported goods license system (Import Commodity Clearance, ICC)
ICC system applicable to imported goods. Are mandatory for imports after the Philippine National Standard (PNS) within the product coverage of imported goods through the Philippine Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) evaluation of the Philippines to meet national standards or corresponding foreign standards generally accepted international requirements, BPS will give the product importers ICC issued license, permit to apply ICC logo. To accept the sampling of imported products. In addition, the Philippine Sea will conduct market random checks to ensure that imported goods meet the corresponding PS standards.
4. Scope
Philippines compulsory certification for health, life safety implications and use of the process have a negative impact on the environment of 85 products, including: electrical equipment / products, household appliances, building materials, safety matches, fire extinguishers, automobile, petroleum products, gas sol. August 11, 2011, the Philippine updated list of compulsory product certification, the national standard list of specific products and their corresponding Philippines (click to download).
5. Certification Mark
ICC import licensing Symbol: applicable to imported products fall within the mandatory Philippine National Standard coverage.
ICC import licensing flag
PS product logo:
--PS Product safety signs: Especially on household electrical products are used to ensure that products meet the relevant safety standards.
PS product quality mark
--PS Product quality mark: the product other than for electrical products.
PS product safety signs

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