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New COB LED street light by Lux Lighting

The Dolphin series of street light is the newly-designed COB LED street light by Lux Lighting in 2003. It is featured with streamlined "dolphin" design and excellent heat cooling system. The series of LED street light have 3 different models where 30W-80W, 80W-140W, and 150W-210W LED street light are available for the replacement of high pressure sodium (HPS) street lights. Moreover, Dolphin series-Lux Lighting has ten outstanding features and five great selling points.


Three different models





Ten Outstanding Features:

1. Elegant "dolphin" streamline body designb;

2. Classic oxidation polishing surface treatment;

3. Quality aluminum mirror reflector?

4. Honeycomb shape optic lens;

5. User friendly power cavity design-- very easy to maintain the light source;

6. High waterproof rating: IP66;

7. Outstanding light output ratio optic lens:>98%;

8. High overall uniformity of road surface luminance:>0.8;

9. High light efficacy: 100~110lm/W;

10. Reliable power supply: Meanwell; Trusted LED solution : Bridgelux/CREE.

Five Great Selling Points

1.The unique outline design-- "dolphin" streamline body;

2. High light output ratio-- honeycomb shape optic lens;

3. Excellent heat dissipation system--360 - degree heat channel design;

4. Great self-cleaning function?

5. Full range 30W-210W design solution for replacement of different power of HPS street light.


It is mainly used for road lighting,community lighting, park lot lighting, dock lighting,etc.





Lux Lighting hope to bring great benefits to our valued customers through application and promotion of Dophin series COB LED street light.




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