LX-SL650-3030TM Dolphin Series

LUX Lighting LED street light is featured with streamlined "dolphin" design and excellent heat cooling system.
It is a newly-designed LED LED street light by Lux Lighting. The housing is made of aluminum by high pressure die-casting.

Features and Specifications


Main Road,Sidewalk,Square,School,Park,Garden,Factory,Residential Places,Villa and many other projector lighting places.

LX-SL650-3030TM Dolphin Series


  • led street light
  • led street light
  • led street light
  • led street light



The "dolphin" series are designed with the industrial highest standard, due to its ruggedness and high quality, the dolphin prove to be
reliable in the most demanding environments, like costal area of high salt concentration, high temperature desert areas. etc.
Conform dark sky approved, only light the area that needs it, be no brighter than necessary, minimize blue light emissions and be fully
shielded such that the light only points downward.
With patented housing design and range of optics, Dolphin series luminaire is also a perfect choice for proiect oriented usage.
Integrated die-casting aluminum body, The lower fin integrated heat dissipation design is adopted. Streamlined housing to avoid dust
accumulation and rain-washing convenience and ensure better heat dissipation.




Roadway lighting (Urban roads, highway roads, streets, residential areas, overpasses…)

Public areas lighting (Theme parks, squares, parking lots, residential areas…)



Durable polyester powdercoat, topcoat corrosion and salinity decaying resistant




Product Size

Packing Information:


Carton Size (mm)

Net Weight (Kg)

Gross Weight (Kg)





Installation Instructions:

Warning: Luminaire can not be directly installed on the surface of ordinary flammable material in any circumstance.

Warning: If outer flexible cable or cord of luminaire are damaged, only manufacturer, its agent or eligible people can replace them to avoid accident.


Mounting Adaptor Option, Adjustable LED Street Light Arm

Lighting Distribution Curve

Mass production information:Elegance Series Mass production Information

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